Lewis Christian Conference 2016
This year’s Lewis Christian Conference was held from Friday 24 June to Monday 27 June in the Kenneth Street Free Church Stornoway. The speaker was Alistair Begg from Cleveland, Ohio. The theme for the weekend was “Looking to Jesus.” Attendances throughout the weekend were very encouraging.
On Friday evening Alistair spoke from Mark Chapter 1: 14-39. Here he spoke on the theme “The king has come.” Despite the absence of fanfare there was authority in the word of Jesus – and still is to this day! The fact that not many of us are mighty but yet the King of the universe has chosen to take up residence in our lives is an overwhelming thought. It was good news for the Gallilean fishermen who left everything and followed Jesus when he said to them “Follow me” and it is still good news to those who today obey His voice!
On Saturday evening Alistair spoke from Luke 4: 16-30. Here his theme was “This Scripture is Fulfilled.” He reminded us that Luke was not dealing with feelings but with facts. Here, in this episode in the life of Jesus we see Jesus as The Great Preacher. The preaching of Jesus was lively, well-organised, interesting – he engaged His listeners. He told His listeners that He had come to set people free and yet their reaction was to drive Him out of town. They took offence at truth. It showed the true heart of humanity – enmity against God! The possibility that we become amazed, like the Pharisees, at the words of Jesus yet not accept Him personally shows the depth of sin in our hearts. Yet everyone needs to know Him personally. There is no salvation in any other!
On Monday evening Alistair spoke from John 4:1-45. He took the story of the Woman of Samaria to speak on the theme “I Who Speak to You Am He.” Interestingly, he began the discourse in Sychar where the onlooker would have found a buzz in the town. The woman Jesus had met at the well had encouraged the townsfolk to “Come see a man who told me all things that ever I did” and they had done just that! The townsfolk had urged Him to stay and he had done as they had asked! How different from the Pharisees in Luke 4! Pastor Begg took us from the talk of the town to the talk at the well and here we were shown the art of the Great Communicator! Here was a man that “spoke like no other.” She was an example of the contemporary woman – looking for love in all the wrong places! Yet in the providence of God she met the only One that could satisfy all her longings. He covered her that day so that she would be destined for glory. Her mission from that moment on was to tell everyone about “the Christ.” She is an example to all others who have put their trust in Jesus, to go tell others that this same Jesus is the only hope there is for a lost world looking for peace.

Lewis Christian Conference 2015 Report

Calum Maclean

At this year’s Lewis Christian Conference held in Stornoway from 19 to 22 June the visiting speaker Dr Charles Price from Toronto, Canada took as his theme “Knowing God in your secret soul.” The three addresses were taken from the Saviour’s Sermon on the Mount series of Matthew Chapter 6. Dr Price’s delivery and content captivated his audience on each evening where he challenged his hearers to not only practise what they believed but live it out in their daily lives.
Friday evening began with an exposition from Matthew 6 verses 1 to 6 and then from verses 16 through to 18, where believers were challenged to ensure that our “Christianity” was not one of falling into righteousness by imitating what is a righteous life. There is within the Christian sometimes a disconnection between the public and private, the outer and inner and the exterior and the interior. When this occurs we cover up. Like the Pharisees we then get caught up with the external and become legalistic. The emphasis to avoid this was fellowship with Christ, studying the Scriptures and being found in secret communion with God. Doing business with God, having an intimacy with God in the “secret place” and that He as a result, will reward openly.
On Saturday evening Charles continued this theme of “Knowing God in your secret soul” with a discourse on the Lord’s Prayer in Matthew 6 verses 5 through 15. Prayer to the believer should not be an experience that comes and goes but should be a meaningful relationship. When God seems distant it is because we have stopped communicating. Prayer is the “talking part” of the relationship with God. What goes on in secret is “the important thing.” In his exposition he took three themes of the Lord’s Prayer – A Child to a Father, A Subject to a Sovereign and A Servant to a Master. Scripture emphasised the importance of prayer in the lives of God’s people as was shown in the lives of people like David where many of the Psalms gave examples of different types of prayer. When we are in prayer the Lord deals with us as if no one else is in existence. If we believe in the effectiveness of prayer and don’t pray we are danger of an epidemic of unbelief.
On the Lord’s Day evening Charles spoke to a packed church of between 800 and 900 souls where he delivered an evangelical sermon on John 11 on the death and raising of Lazarus. Here the emphasis was on living in Union with Christ – “not what we are doing for Him but what He is doing in us”
In his concluding discourse on Monday evening Charles spoke from Matthew 6 verses 19 to 34. The theme was on the importance of living God centred rather than self-centred lives. There is in all of us an insecurity that looks for approval from others which is at odds with Christ who made Himself of “no reputation.” His great desire was to please the Father and that should be the same with His followers. What is the most important factor of all for the Christian is not a good reputation but “knowing God in the secret of our own soul.”
Sets of CDs and DVDs of the conference have been produced and may be ordered by sending an e-mail to


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This year’s conference took place from Friday 27 June to Monday 30 June in Stornoway. The Speaker was Dr Sinclair B Ferguson. Dr Ferguson, who retired last year as Senior Minister of First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, South Carolina, addressed the conference on the theme ‘In Christ Alone’. He helped focus our attention on the centrality and completion of Christ’s work in securing the salvation of His believing people. Dr Ferguson gave three edifying conference messages: i) From Philippians 3, on the conversion of Saul of Tarsus. ii) From Romans 6, where he explained what it means to be in union with Christ and experience the transforming power of God, the old self having been crucified with Christ. iii) From Romans 5 :1 -11, where he spoke of the privileges that belong to the Christian believer in Jesus Christ.  All of the conference messages were spiritually uplifting, personally challenging and encouraging to us as believers in the Lord Jesus Christ to rejoice in hope of the glory of God. The High Church building was kindly made available for the conference meetings again this year. Dr Ferguson preached in the High Fellowship and in Point Free Church on the Lord’s Day, and he addressed a large fellowship gathering in the High Church on the Lord’s Day evening, where he shared testimony and spoke of the Lord’s work in his own life. Once again we were pleased to welcome representatives from Christian Focus Publications and the Christian Institute to the conference and they updated us on the work that they are involved in and provided information and books. Tha Stornoway Religious Bookshop again provided a great bookstall at the conference with many books available at discounted prices. The Conference organisers were very encouraged with the attendances at all of the conference meetings this year from across the island’s churches and there were also visitors attending the conference from other parts of the UK and some from overseas.  It is a blessing for God’s people to gather together in  unity and enjoy Bible teaching, psalm singing and fellowship. We pray that the Lord’s blessing will follow all that took place during this year’s Lewis Christian Conference. CD and DVD sets will be produced and may be ordered by e-mailing: (CDs -£5, DVDs – £10) Lewis Christian Conference November 2013 The third Lewis Christian Conference took place between Friday 08 and Monday 11 November, with Dr Dale Ralph Davis. Dr Davis is a former Professor of Old Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary, Mississippi. He is due to be inducted as resident minister at First Presbyterian Church, South Carolina in the coming months. Dr Davis gave three messages at the Conference on the theme ‘Our Covenant God’. The Friday evening message was entitled ‘The God who promises’, where he preached from Genesis 12. On Saturday the message was entitled ‘The God who keeps’ and was based on Numbers 22. The final message ‘The God who Demands’ was based on Joshua 24. The conference was a great time of blessing where we learned of the dealings of God with his covenant people. The prelude to the covenant, the preservation of God and the obligations and demands of the covenant. Dr Davis also preached at the Stornoway APC and Knock Free Church on the lord’s Day and spoke to a large gathering of around three hundred at an all age fellowship in the Stornoway High Church on the Lord’s Day evening. The conference organisers are very encouraged by the support evidenced once again with large attendances of up to five hundred people at each of the conference meetings. CDs and DVDs are being produced and can be ordered by e-mailing Lewis Christian Conference July 2013 The second Lewis Christian Conference took place between 05 and 08 July 2013. The speaker was Dr Liam Goligher, the senior minister of Tenth Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, USA. Dr Goligher gave three messages from 2 Timothy. The theme of the conference was “We Believe;Therefore we Speak” . Dr Goligher also preached  on the Lord’s Day to large congregations at St Columba’s Church and Back Free Church. He also spoke at a Youth Event organised by the Bayhead Youth Group in the Cabarfeidh Hotel. The three conference messages dealt with Paul’s  second Epistle to Timothy, the first two messages were from 2 Timothy 1, where Paul exhorts Timothy to be strong in the grace of God and not to be ashamed of the testimony of the Lord or of the gospel and the third message from 2 Timothy 4, where Paul nears the end of his life, having fought a good fight, having finished his course and kept the faith and looks forward to the crown of righteousness.  CDs of the conference will be made available and may be ordered by e-mailing Representatives from Christian Focus Publications and the Christian Institute were also present at the conference and spoke at the meetings. The conference was well attended and the committee is encouraged by the support evidenced once again. Lewis Christian Conference 2012

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A group of like-minded brethren from different churches began a monthly prayer meeting in Stornoway last October in the lead up to the inaugural Lewis Christian Conference, which took place from Friday 29 June through to Monday 02 July. The speaker was Pastor Charles Price who is the Senior Pastor  of the Peoples Church in Ontario, Canada. The theme of the conference was “Living in the fullness of Christ”. The High Church was kindly made available for the conference meetings and the church was full each night with between six and seven hundred people attending. On the Lord’s Day Pastor Price preached in Stornoway High Church in the morning and in Stornoway Free Church in the evening. He also spoke to a packed audience in the Caberfeidh Hotel for the Bayhead Youth Group. CDs and DVDs of the three conference meetings will be produced and may be ordered by e-mailing Charles Price gave three messages on the New Covenant under the theme “Living in the Fulness of Christ”.  The first message was on the New Righteousness.  He spoke from Jeremiah 31:33 of the law being relocated from the mind to the heart.  What were commands under the old become promises under the new.  The second message was on the New Relationship from Jeremiah 31:34 and how the Christian must grow in knowledge and experience of God.  The third message was on the New Redemption based on Hebrews 8:12 where Jeremiah 31 is quoted.  Under the Old covenant sin was covered, but not removed.  Under the new covenant sin has been propitiated once and for ever.  The three addresses were personally challenging, intellectually insightful and greatly encouraging to the people of God. Pastor Price mentioned that he had an interest in visiting Lewis as he had heard and read much about the work of God here during times of revival. His great-grandfather was converted during the 1904 Welsh revival. Pastor Price said that he enjoyed his visit to Lewis even more than he had anticipated. Pastor Price left Lewis on Tuesday to speak at the Faith Mission Convention in Edinburgh. Lewis Christian Conference appreciate the support evidenced by the large attendance at all meetings and pray that the teaching of God’s Word during the conference days would be blessed to many. The monthly inter-denominational prayer meeting continues to be held in the Associated Presbyterian Church, Stornoway on the second Monday of each month at 7.30 pm and all are welcome to attend. Lewis Christian Conference plan to hold two conferences in 2013 (D.V.), further information will soon be made available on the website:

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